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Apache, Total pull off Maka Central discovery in offshore Suriname Block 58

Maka Central discovery : Apache Corporation and Total have pulled off a major oil discovery in Suriname Block 58 in the offshore in the Guyana-Suriname basin through the drilling of the Maka Central-1 well.

The exploration well was drilled by the Noble Sam Croft drillship in water depth of around 1,000 meters when it encountered more than 123 meters net pay of light oil and gas condensate net pay.

Details of the Maka Central discovery

According to Apache Corporation, the shallower Campanian interval contains 50 meters of net hydrocarbon-bearing reservoir, while the deeper Santonian interval contains 73 meters of net oil-bearing reservoir.

Further drilling and testing will be taken up for the appraisal of the resources and productivity of the reservoir.

The US-based oil and gas company said that the Maka Central-1 exploratory well also targeted a third interval, called the Turonian. Before reaching the Turonian interval, the well is said to have come across substantially over-pressured, oil-bearing reservoirs in the lower Santonian, following which it was decided to end drilling at nearly 6,300 meters.

Apache Corporation said that the pressures encountered by the Maka Central-1 well in the lower Santonian are positive indications for the Turonian interval which will see drilling in the future for its evaluation.

The Noble Sam Croft drillship will be used for drilling the next wells in Suriname Block 58, with the Sapakara West prospect being the first through the Sapakara West-1 well. The well that will explore the Sapakara West prospect is located about 20 kilometers southeast of the Maka Central discovery.

The Sapakara West-1 well will be drilled to study the oil-prone upper Cretaceous targets in the Campanian and Santonian intervals.

Maka Central discovery Suriname

Apache, Total pull off Maka Central discovery in offshore Suriname Block 58. Image courtesy of OpenClipart-Vectors from Pixabay.

John J. Christmann – Apache Corporation CEO and President, commenting on the Maka Central discovery, said: “We are very pleased with results from Maka Central-1. The well proves a working hydrocarbon system in the first two play types within Block 58 and confirms our geologic model with oil and condensate in shallower zones and oil in deeper zones.

“Preliminary formation evaluation data indicates the potential for prolific oil wells. Additionally, the size of the stratigraphic feature, as defined by 3-D seismic imaging, suggests a substantial resource.

“Block 58 comprises 1.4 million acres and offers significant potential beyond the discovery at Maka Central. We have identified at least seven distinct play types and more than 50 prospects within the thermally mature play fairway.”

Total signed a deal in December 2019 to acquire a 50% operating stake in Suriname Block 58 from Apache Corporation to further expand its footprint in the Guyana-Suriname basin.

Commenting on the Maka Central discovery, Kevin McLachlan – Senior Vice President Exploration at Total, said: “We are very pleased with this first significant oil discovery, made just after our entry into Block 58. The result is very encouraging and proves the extension of the prolific world-class Guyana Cretaceous oil play into Surinam waters.

“We are optimistic about the large remaining potential of the area still to be discovered and will test several other prospects on the same block.”

Total will assume operatorship of Suriname Block 58 after completion of drilling of a third exploration well.

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