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HSB Solomon acquires EnSys’ assets to boost advisory and benchmarking services

HSB Solomon Associates, a performance improvement company for the energy industry, has acquired energy software, data, and consulting company EnSys Energy’s World Oil Refining Logistics and Demand Model and databases for an undisclosed price.

The Texas-based performance improvement company also purchased EnSys’ North American Logistics Review and Crude Flows Services. The company said that it will continue to provide the acquired solutions to clients.

EnSys’ specialized product offerings are said to have been catering to the downstream petroleum industry for the last four decades, covering the supply of crude and non-crudes, refining, crude and product logistics, and trade and oil markets. The company is said to help in delivering highly quantitative strategic evaluations and outlooks for its clients.

The analyses from EnSys are claimed to concentrate on capacity, technology, operations, economics, markets, logistics, and also regulatory factors. EnSys’ clients include the US DOE, American Petroleum Institute, US EPA, US DOS, OPEC Secretariat, and midstream, maritime, and leading oil and technology companies across the world.

Charles Reith – HSB Solomon Associates President and CEO said: “Clients have expressed a strong desire to receive insights from Solomon that will help guide the future operation, growth, and competitiveness of their businesses. We have also received requests for energy analysis from governmental agencies around the world. EnSys’ WORLD Model and databases will immediately enhance Solomon’s strategic analysis and forecasting capabilities, and provide greater data-driven insights to our global clients.”

HSB Solomon Associates said that it will use its Comparative Performance Analysis databases to boost the capabilities and insights of the acquired World Oil Refining Logistics and Demand Model. The company said that the combination of the two firms’ databases, the WORLD Model, and its deep consulting experience and knowledge of the energy sector will offer unparalleled strategic support and analysis services for clients.

Martin Tallett – EnSys President said: “EnSys has been acknowledged for over 30 years as leaders in the evaluation of North American and international oil markets, and refining in a global context. We focus on how supply, demand, capacity, regulatory, and logistics developments impact the future operations and economics of the industry, using a unique, integrated approach.

“Combining Solomon’s performance analysis capabilities and consulting experience with EnSys’ WORLD Model capability offers the energy industry best-in-class strategic energy analysis and forecasting.”

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