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Syzran Refinery : Rosneft begins production of RMLS 40 marine fuel

Rosneft said that the Syzran Refinery, which is a part of the refining complex of Rosneft Oil Company in the Samara region in Russia has started production of Residual Marine Low Sulphur (RMLS 40), an environmentally-friendly low-sulphur marine fuel.

RMLS 40 is said to be compliant with the IMO requirements, which came into effect since early 2020.

According to Rosneft, RMLS 40 contains less than 0.5% of sulphur which is totally compliant with the requirements of the International Convention for the Prevention of Pollution from Ships (MARPOL). The use of the low-sulphur fuel for bunkering is said to minimize the negative effect on the environment.

Rosneft stated: “High environmental standards of operation are the key element of the Rosneft-2022 Strategy. In order to reduce its environmental impact and produce up-to-date, environmentally friendly fuels, the Company has initiated and is implementing a number of large-scale projects to upgrade its own production facilities.

“The production of green marine fuel demonstrates the advanced technological capacity of the Company’s refineries.”

Syzran Refinery : Rosneft begins production of RMLS 40 marine fuel

Syzran Refinery : Rosneft begins production of RMLS 40 marine fuel. Photo courtesy of ROSNEFT.

Rosneft said that in the first quarter of this year it had supplied 112,000 tonnes of RMLS 40 type E II fuel to domestic and foreign ship-owners. In April, the company’s subsidiary RN-Bunker expanded the marketing geography of the RMLS 40 fuel.

Additionally to the Far East, Rosneft started supply of the environmentally friendly marine fuel to the Black Sea, Baltic, and Arctic ports.

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